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Pest Cockroach

Pest like cockroaches, crickets, black ants, silver fish, spider, lizard, Mosquito and all other small insects are covered. We shall control these pests by regulated spraying of Insecticides. Continued application of our services pests. img

Pest Termite

Termites existed over 350 million years ago. this is the most destructive pest known by human beings. Subterranean termites are the main culprits, causing major buildings in India. Gap of just 0.5mm is enough for them to gain entry. img

Pest Rodent

Rats and mice are covered. We shall control rates and mice by keeping baits and traps on the path of their movement. If there be need supplementary services between designated frequencies will be provided without extra cost. img

Pest Residential

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    Environment friendly, non-toxic pest control products

    Suraj Pest Control has been providing domestic pest control. We can give you living areas of your home, domestic call-out pest control service friends.

Pest Commercial

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    Industries, Show Rooms and Software Companies

    Suraj Pest Control has become one of the country's leading commercial pest control services by working in most effective solutions for them.